Every property owner is responsible for staying compliant with stormwater regulations. One crucial aspect of this process is submitting an annual compliance report to the city or governing municipality. This report serves as a compilation of all inspection and maintenance records from the previous year. Failure to meet this requirement can result in significant fines and penalties.

At SWIMS, we know that managing stormwater system compliance in California, a state known for its strict regulations, can be daunting. To help you navigate through this process smoothly and avoid costly consequences, we’ll dive into the essential components that must be included in your compliance reports so you can demonstrate that your site is adhering to local rules and regulations effectively. 

Key Details to Include in Stormwater System Compliance Reports

To ensure a compliant report, the following details should be included:

  • Inspection and maintenance reports of various Best Management Practices (BMPs) throughout the year
  • Notable flagged issues such as sediment and water levels, media condition, filter replacements, flooding issues, and illegal discharge
  • A checklist of questions to show your site is addressing all maintenance requirements or explaining any areas not in compliance
  • Before and after photos of required maintenance

See an example here!


Why Effective Stormwater Management Is Important

Stormwater runoff poses a major threat to the environment and public health. This runoff water carries pollutants such as oil, chemicals, and bacteria, which can contaminate our waterways and impact local wildlife and public health.

The benefits of having a healthy stormwater system include:

  • Lower total cost. You’ll save money over the long term by avoiding expensive system repairs and property damage.
  • Happy tenants. Good drainage means fewer problems and complaints.
  • Peace of mind. Compliant stormwater systems mean easy inspections and no distracting citations or expensive fines.

Now Is The Best Time For Stormwater Maintenance

Summer is the ideal season to be proactive about stormwater system maintenance as the dry weather minimizes the inflow of stormwater and sediment. This will ensure the system is prepared for more challenging winter conditions. 

Not only that, but in California, compliance reports are typically required to be submitted in July. Proactive reporting is vital to meet regulatory requirements and avoid any potential trouble.

SWIMS: Your Stormwater Experts

Keeping up with your site’s maintenance requirements can be confusing and time-consuming. SWIMS has streamlined the reporting process with an easy-to-use software that allows all maintenance reports and inspections to be in one place. That way, you can see exactly what actions need to be taken regarding maintenance on your site and avoid paying unnecessary fines.

Maintenance becomes even simpler when you have StormTek, the full-trash capture device offered exclusively by SWIMS. StormTek has been a California State Water Board-certified trash capture device since 2006 and remains one of the few trusted devices on the market compliant with the law. StormTek requires fewer cleanings per year than other catch basin filter manufacturers, saving you time and money.

As the Storm Water Experts, SWIMS takes care of everything – including detailed inspections, maintenance on all your devices, and on-time reporting. It’s our goal to give you peace of mind knowing you’re compliant with California’s strict stormwater regulations.

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