You probably know by now that as a property owner, you must keep any and all trash from passing through your storm water system into waterways.

But this doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. In fact, StormTek, the exclusive full-trash capture device from SWIMS, makes this easy. Once our device is installed, you won’t have to think twice about it.

With more than 3,000 installs across the state, StormTek helps you avoid expensive system repairs and property damage. It also helps you avoid citations and fines by keeping your storm water system in compliance with the law.

StormTek full trash capture device is made with durable materials

Made from coated or stainless steel and heavy gauge sheet metal, StormTek units are durable and built to last for years. Stainless steel is an incredibly strong metal that can withstand extreme weather and resist both corrosion and bacteria growth. Stainless steel doesn’t easily scratch, bend, or break. In fact, many StormTek full trash capture devices remain installed and functioning properly after a decade. 

In other words: you get your money’s worth and more.

Industry-leading warranty

If paired with a maintenance contract, you have a 5-year warranty on your device. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to shell out more cash if something happens to your device in that time. If something does happen to your device within the first 5 years, SWIMS will fix it or replace it. You won’t find a warranty like this anywhere else.

Less maintenance required

While most manufacturers of catch basin filters require a minimum of 3 cleanings per year, due to its innovative use of 90% of the catch basin sump, StormTek devices require only a twice-per-year cleaning, saving you time and money.

Keeps your site in compliance with the law

Property owners must prevent trash and debris from entering waterways, while also making sure their trash capture method satisfies the rigorous requirements set forth by the California State Water Board.

StormTek has been a California State Water Board-certified trash capture device since 2006. While many devices have been approved in the past and since been removed, StormTek remains one of the few trusted devices available that is compliant with the law. 

How will SWIMS communicate costs with me?

SWIMS will always be transparent with you about where your money is going.

The first step will be setting up a free consultation and site inspection. Then, we’ll send you an initial quote with the following breakdown:

  1. Cost to design the filter(s) (as each device is custom-fit for each catch basin)
  2. Cost to build the filter(s)
  3. Cost to install the filter(s)

In addition, we use a virtual reporting app called iAuditor that allows us to conduct inspections, flag issues, and resolve problems. We will take before and after photos so you can see how the catch basin has been cleaned before we install the device. We’ll also provide you with a full report via the app after the device has been installed.

Get started today with a free, no-strings-attached estimate.