Weed Abatement

Weed Abatement Services

Nothing ruins the look and feel of a property quite like overgrown weeds. But they’re not just unsightly – they can cause major problems, including the risk of wildfire, attracting rodents and wildlife, increasing turnover with tenants, causing complaints from neighbors, and jeopardizing the sale of your property.

Additionally, California has laws in place for managing weeds to reduce the risk of fires. So if weed control is something you’ve been neglecting, you also run the risk of being hit with citations.

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Weed Abatement Service

Take back control of your property with SWIMS’s weed abatement services. 

Servicing Northern California

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A SWIMS Project Manager will inspect your site and provide you with an estimate. Cost and duration will depend on the size of the project.

Choose your date of service.

SWIMS crew will perform weed abatement on a day that’s most convenient for you.

Enjoy a weed-free property!

You’ll have the option to choose if you want ongoing maintenance, so you never have to worry about weeds again.

Our crews are equipped with the tools and machinery to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. Deck mowers, flail mowers, brush hogs, and weed trimmers — our team will employ the tools to do efficient, thorough work. Whether it’s regularly-scheduled service or a “one-off” need, we’re ready. We provide our weed abatement service for:

  • weed controlNew and ongoing construction
  • Commercial real estate
  • Bio-swales and bioretention areas
  • Property managers and property management companies
  • Real estate agents (lease or sale)
  • Business owners
  • Homeowners and landowners
  • Cities, municipalities, and parks & recreation
  • Homeowners Associations

With 20 years of industry experience and hundreds of happy customers, SWIMS is ready to help your property look and perform its best.

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