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Annual Storm Water Cleaning

Annual cleanings help prevent costly fines and ensure that your storm water systems are operating at optimal efficiency.

Cleanings Include:

  • Inspecting MFS or CDS unit to determine working efficiency
  • Cleaning of MFS or CDS Unit
  • Inspecting drain inlet
  • Inspecting storm water outlet
  • Replacing/cleaning catch basin filter
  • Replacing/cleaning curb inlet filter
  • Inspecting manhole
  • Documenting before and after cleaning status

Annual Inspections

Prevent costly fines by scheduling your annual inspections with SWIMS. Our storm water pollution experts inspect your property to determine the integrity of your storm water systems. We resolve potential issues before they become problems.

Call SWIMS today at (866) 96-SWIMS (79467). Without an inspection, you won’t know whether your property is in violation of SWPPP laws.


Bioswales are vegetated swales which are often located in parking lots and subject to debris, oil and other contaminants. They absorb low flows or carry runoff from heavy rains to storm sewer inlets or directly to surface waters. SWIMS inspects and maintains bioswales to keep them operating at optimum efficiency.

Detention Ponds

SWIMS detention pond service includes a visual inspection and cleaning of surface debris.

Vault Pump Outs

In urban environments, and other circumstances that are not conducive to the creation of detention ponds, underground vaults are constructed to hold storm water runoff and delay its release. Over time sediment, trash, and other contaminants collect in these vaults and affect their function, resulting in the need to pump out collected runoff.

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