Construction Site Tread Cleaning Plates

SWIMS tread cleaning plates (also referred to as rattle plates, shaker plates, rumble strips) are a cost-effective way to assist with dislodging dirt, mud, and rocks from trucks and heavy machinery exiting your site.

SWIMS tread cleaning plates combined with regular street sweeping is an effective way to keep your job sites streets and entrances looking good and in compliance with city and state regulations.

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Tread cleaning plates, rock entry, and regular street sweeping will keep your site compliant and surrounding roadways clean.

Servicing Northern California

Tread cleaning platesStrategically-placed tread plates produce vibration that flexes vehicle tires as they roll over the plates, loosening debris from the wheels, chassis, and body. They help reduce the amount of dirt and materials that make their way from your construction site onto area roadways.

In addition to tread cleaning plates, we offer a suite of complementary construction site services:

With 20 years of industry experience and hundreds of happy customers, SWIMS is ready to help you keep your construction project clean, compliant, and on-schedule.

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