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BMP Maintenance

Installing BMP products is just one part of a comprehensive storm water management solution. Over time, the management strategies put in place can become compromised, damaged, or site conditions have changed.

SWIMS field technicians can maintain, repair and enhance your BMPs. From cleaning sediment around catch basins after a rain event to the repair of BMPs disturbed during construction, SWIMS has the expertise to meet your needs. BMP maintenance and street sweeping can be set up for daily, weekly, monthly or “on-call” service.


SWPPP Site Inspection & Monitoring

SWIMS services all Risk Level 1, 2 & 3 construction projects as well as Linear Underground Projects (LUP). We will help keep your site SWPPP compliant by performing weekly inspections, pre/extended/post-rain event inspections, Rain Event Action Plans (REAPS), and quarterly non-storm water inspections. We prepare Annual Reports, Change of Information (COI) and Notices of Termination (NOT), so your documentation remains in order.

Our inspections are performed electronically and can be e-mailed to multiple people in real-time. We can provide water sampling meters and on-site training to your personnel for rain event water sampling.

Street Sweeping Services for Construction Sites, Parking Garage, and Parking Lots

SWIMS has a fleet of vacuum street sweepers including a low-profile unit perfect for parking garage sweeping. Street Sweeping can be scheduled daily, weekly or “on call” as needed.

Final Parking Garage or Parking Lot Cleaning

The final garage or parking lot cleaning involves a post-construction wash and sweep. We provide additional labor and protect drain inlets to prevent illicit discharge.


For medium to large scale projects, hydroseeding is the most economical form of erosion control seed establishment. We can provide hydroseeding to meet your specifications as well as HydroMulch, Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM), blown straw & tackifier and soil palliatives.

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