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Storm water pollution abatement systems are required by law and must be maintained regularly to function properly. Inadequate or delayed maintenance can result in flooding, property damage, citations and even expensive fines!

We know you have bigger things to worry about.

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Focus your labor on your construction project, not trying to understand BMPs and storm water regulation.

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Preventing runoff means fewer problems and complaints, keeping your project on schedule.

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Proper, well-maintained erosion controls contribute to finishing your project on time and on budget.

We understand that erosion control is just one of many responsibilities
you juggle to keep your construction project on track.

That’s why we’ve assembled one of the largest teams of certified
inspectors and erosion control professionals in California.

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BMP Installation Service Details

Servicing Northern California

Straw wattle installation
Rice Straw Fiber Rolls / Straw Wattles are made using recycled rice straw, spun blown into 25’ tubular lengths. Rice Straw Wattles are certified weed-free and are produced with carefully-controlled density to ensure effective filtering capabilities. Straw wattles are used as perimeter controls, velocity dams and on slopes to reduce erosion and control/capture sediment.

Catch basin protector (CBP)
The Catch Basin Protector (CBP) is designed to remove sediment, pollutants and debris from storm water runoff before entering the storm system.

Silt fence for erosion control
Silt fence is a temporary sediment control device effective in controlling sediment-laden runoff from construction sites. It is used as a perimeter control and is typically used in combination with other sediment BMPs designed to retain sediment in place where soil is being disturbed by the construction processes.

Construction site entrance
Construction entrances are designed to knock mud off the tires of construction vehicles so that less sediment is tracked onto public streets. (Track Out) A typical entrance area is 20’ X 50’ x 12” deep, but the size and depth vary based on the erosion control plan detail. We manage all aspects of installing construction entrances, including rental of tread cleaning plates.

Gravel bags
Gravel bags and silt stoppers are a basic BMPs used as velocity dams and around catch basin to filter storm water. The bags are made from high quality woven mono-filament polymer material that can withstand the demands of a construction site.

Erosion control blanket
Erosion control blankets are made from biodegradable materials such as straw, coconut or wood fibers. They are used on slopes and swales to prevent the erosion of exposed soil. RECP work well with other BMPs like Hydroseed or straw wattle. RECPs are available in single-sided & double-sided photodegradable and biodegradable netting:

  • Straw Blanket
  • Coco Blanket
  • 70% straw – 30% coco blanket
  • Jute Netting
  • Other types available