Is your storm water system up to date with California law?

The state is strict about regulating storm water runoff in industrial, municipal and residential areas – and this is a good thing! These storm water regulations keep harmful pollutants, fertilizers, debris and other materials from draining into the rivers, lakes and ocean. They also allow storm water to potentially be used as a resource to recharge groundwater and enhance local water supplies.

But the legislation is changing all the time, with the most recent rules being implemented just this year.

Don’t risk your site not being in compliance. Here are two of the most important things to be aware of when it comes to storm water regulation:

1.The city must approve of a property’s Water Quality Management Plan, stating which storm water devices the property has along with their maintenance requirements.

2. Green infrastructures or bioswales need to be properly inspected and maintained by a knowledgeable landscape company. Green infrastructures absorb low flows or carry runoff from heavy rains to storm sewer inlets or directly to surface waters, and they’re subject to debris and contaminants. Newly installed bioswales must be inspected after a heavy rainfall to make sure they’re working properly.

It doesn’t stop there. There are more regulations to know for your site – and you can find out what they are by going to the webpage for California’s State Water Resources Control Board.

But we understand that you don’t have time to research complex compliance rules. At SWIMS, we want to make your life as easy as possible.

In addition to maintenance of storm water systems, SWIMS offers detailed annual or semi-annual inspections that include recommendations, making the state-mandated compliance reporting easy. We will also help keep your site SWPPP compliant by performing weekly inspections, Rain Event Action Plans (REAPS), and quarterly non-storm water inspections.

Don’t spend another minute wondering if your site is in compliance.


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