If your storm water system isn’t working as it should, you risk not only polluting our waterways but also your property getting cited and fined. 

SWIMS is committed to keeping that from happening with cost-effective and compliant solutions that meet EPA & NPDES storm water regulations. One of these solutions is our California State Water Board approved full-trash capture device, StormTek

All trash capture devices require routine maintenance to remove accumulated debris, but SWIMS makes the process simple. Here’s how we’ll maintain your StormTek device to keep it functioning at top capacity. 

Routine Maintenance and Cleaning

During routine maintenance, SWIMS will perform a detailed inspection, remove debris and sediment using a Vactor truck, pressure wash the device and catch basin, and make any necessary repairs.

The most common type of debris cleaned out of StormTek devices in recent years has been masks. Other common objects found are bottles, leaves, cigarette butts, clothes, plastics, and sediment from construction sites. 

Most manufacturers of catch basin filters require a minimum of 3 cleanings per year. But due to its innovative use of 90% of the catch basin, StormTek devices require only a twice-per-year cleaning.

And unlike other devices, StormTek is equipped with a lid, making it easy for city inspectors to check for and treat vector concerns (mosquito habitats).


While damage is rare, repairs on your StormTek device might be necessary. The most common scenario occurs with catch basins that have large inflow and outflow pipes. This can sometimes cause incoming stormwater and debris to have a powerful flow rate, denting the device. Luckily, SWIMS offers an industry-leading 5-year warranty on all StormTek devices purchased with a maintenance contract. If something happens to your device, we will either repair or replace it depending on the extent of the damage.

An experienced team

SWIMS sales and service staff is manufacturer-trained for sales, installation, and maintenance of all our stormwater products. SWIMS products and maintenance services are accepted by most municipalities as meeting or exceeding BATs, and BMPs required in a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Because of our outstanding record of providing dependable, competitively-priced, compliant stormwater pollution solutions, many consider us “The Storm Water Experts”. 

Our technicians are confined-space certified, so they know how to protect themselves from the safety hazards that come with maintaining and repairing stormwater equipment.

We use a virtual reporting app called iAuditor that allows us to conduct inspections, flag issues, and resolve problems. We will take before and after photos so you can see how the catch basin has been cleaned before we install the device. We’ll also provide you with a full report via the app after the device has been installed.

We have no doubt that you’ll love your StormTek device as installation and maintenance is headache-free. Not to mention it will save you time, money, and keep your site in compliance.

See why StormTek is the leading trash capture method across California.

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