Construction projects are intricate endeavors that demand seamless coordination among various stakeholders, from subcontractors to regulatory authorities. One critical aspect often overlooked is storm water and groundwater management, posing challenges that can impact both the project and the environment. Learn how innovative solutions, such as those offered by SWIMS, can make storm water and groundwater management a breeze for your next big project.

Overview of Challenges

Managing a construction project involves juggling multiple tasks, but coordinating the efforts of subcontractors and complying with regulatory requirements related to storm water and groundwater management present unique challenges. Delays and environmental concerns can arise if not addressed effectively.

SWIMS Services Overview


QSD & QSP: Navigating Compliance with Expertise

Qualified SWPPP Developers (QSD) and Practitioners (QSP) are the backbone of storm water compliance, ensuring the seamless development and implementation of Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP). SWIMS takes this a step further, providing expert guidance to navigate the complexities of state regulations. Our dedicated team ensures that construction sites not only meet regulatory standards but go above and beyond, actively safeguarding against potential environmental hazards. With SWIMS, your construction project is in the hands of professionals committed to achieving and surpassing compliance goals.

BMP/Erosion Control: Innovating Environmental Stewardship

Best Management Practices (BMP) and erosion control form the frontline defense against soil erosion and sediment runoff. SWIMS revolutionizes this aspect with cutting-edge techniques and technologies that go beyond conventional methods. Our commitment to minimizing the environmental impact of construction activities, 20+ years of experience, and deep relationships with technology partners set us apart. By choosing SWIMS, you opt for an environmentally conscious approach that not only meets standards but pioneers innovation in BMP and erosion control, ensuring sustainable construction practices.

Site Labor: Skillful Execution for On-Time Projects

SWIMS recognizes that construction project managers juggle numerous deadlines, vendors, and challenges. Being able to draw upon a skilled team of trained laborers can make the difference between staying on schedule and frustrating delays. Our proficient site labor teams come equipped with tools, a work truck, as well as the training and experience to keep your construction site safe. Moreover, each team includes a crew leader, giving you a single point of contact for clear communication and supervision. Types of jobs our teams are ready to tackle the moment they arrive include site cleanup, debris removal, trenching, water pumping, and more.

Dewatering: Managing Groundwater with State-of-the-Art Expertise

Efficient dewatering is paramount in preventing water accumulation on construction sites, and SWIMS employs state-of-the-art techniques to manage groundwater effectively. Our expertise in dewatering mitigates potential risks associated with waterlogged areas, providing a proactive solution to keep construction projects on track. When you choose SWIMS, you choose a partner equipped with the latest technologies,  know-how, and availability to address groundwater challenges efficiently and effectively.

Street Sweeping: Beyond Clean Streets, Ensuring Environmental Health

Street sweeping is not just about clean roads; it’s a critical step in preventing debris and pollutants from entering stormwater systems. SWIMS goes beyond routine sweeping by employing meticulous practices that contribute to overall environmental health. Choosing SWIMS means choosing a comprehensive street sweeping solution that actively protects water ecosystems, ensuring your construction project aligns with the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

Tread Cleaning Plates: Navigating Clean Roads, Minimizing Spread

Tread cleaning plates play a crucial role in minimizing the spread of mud and sediment from construction sites onto roads. SWIMS recognizes their significance and utilizes these plates strategically to maintain cleanliness. By choosing SWIMS, you opt for a proactive approach that goes beyond the basics, ensuring your project not only meets cleanliness standards but actively minimizes its environmental footprint.

Wildlife Exclusion Fencing: Proactively Preserving Biodiversity

SWIMS takes a proactive stance in environmental preservation by installing wildlife exclusion fencing. This measure ensures that local wildlife is protected from entering construction zones. As a preferred installer for Ertec Environmental Systems, our knowledge and techniques are confirmed. Aligning with our commitment to biodiversity, SWIMS goes beyond standard practices, actively contributing to the preservation of local ecosystems. With SWIMS, your construction project becomes a testament to responsible and considerate environmental management.

Who We Serve: Tailoring Storm Water Solutions to Your Needs

At SWIMS, our commitment to effective storm water and groundwater management extends to a diverse clientele, addressing the unique needs of each sector we serve, available in Northern California areas.

Property Managers & HOA Boards:

For property managers and HOA boards, juggling responsibilities is a daily challenge. SWIMS offers a solution by serving as a single source for maintaining storm water systems and providing professional street sweeping services. Our storm water crews proactively maintaining storm drains, catch basins, vaults, and bioswales. To ensure sites are compliant with state and local regulation, we inspect systems and provide detailed reporting. We understand that your plate is full, and our services provide the peace of mind that comes with compliance and efficient storm water systems. 

Construction Project Managers:

Construction project managers face the complexity of job sites, requiring careful attention to SWPPP, QSP, erosion control, dewatering, and site labor. SWIMS simplifies the process by being the reliable and responsive partner you need. From inspections to BMP installations and maintenance, street sweeping, tread cleaning plates, soil stabilization, and job site labor – imagine having one trusted partner for all aspects of erosion control. 

Connector Pipe Screens (CPS) for Full Trash Capture:

Choosing the right connector pipe screen is critical, especially when it comes to preventing trash from entering rivers and oceans. SWIMS recommends StormTek™, the most durable and innovative connector pipe screen approved by the California State Water Board. Opting for StormTek™ means preventing thousands of pounds of trash from harming water ecosystems. 


Effective storm water and groundwater management are imperative for the success of construction projects and the well-being of the environment. SWIMS emerges as your reliable partner, offering a comprehensive suite of services that address the diverse challenges faced by construction project managers. By choosing SWIMS, you’re not just ensuring compliance – you’re contributing to cleaner rivers and oceans.

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SWIMS was founded on the belief that individual choices can collectively make a significant impact on the environment. Whether you’re a construction project manager seeking reliable storm water solutions or a community member committed to cleaner waterways, choosing SWIMS means choosing a team dedicated to making a difference. 

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