For more than 22 years, SWIMS has been providing comprehensive services and unparalleled expertise in the storm water pollution prevention industry. We’re committed to keeping California’s waterways clean, and your site in compliance with local laws.

That means: we know which stormwater maintenance equipment and tools are going to be the most effective at getting the job done. 

For the curious minds, here is what we use on a daily or weekly basis:

  • Vactor truck: an industrial vacuum truck that removes debris and sediment from stormwater devices. 
  • Manhole hook: a tool that helps our crew safely open manhole covers or storm drain gates. One of our most-used tools, it allows us to easily perform maintenance or inspections. 
  • iAuditor: a virtual reporting app that allows us to conduct inspections, flag issues, and resolve problems. Notes and photos can be easily shared to a property manager’s email. 
  • Sludge Judge: a large measuring stick that we use to determine how much water and sediment is in a stormwater vault.
  • Pressure washer: used to clean filters and vaults.

Confined Space Equipment

Because we often need to enter underground stormwater vaults, we’re required to use special confined-space equipment to stay safe and prevent hazards. 

Some of that equipment includes:

  • Tripod: along with a full-body harness and self-retracting lifeline, this is set up over a manhole to allow for safe access and emergency rescue if needed. 
  • Gas detector: a device that alerts our crew if there are any lethal gasses present in the vault. This device is left on for the duration of the crew’s time in the vault.
  • Fresh air blower: a big tube that blows fresh air into a vault.

As you can see, SWIMS utilizes a variety of equipment that helps keep our crew safe and performing well. We don’t recommend doing this at home, either. The SWIMS team is trained and certified in using this equipment to keep your storm water system functioning as it should, and making sure your site stays in compliance.

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