California’s waterways are in trouble. Our rivers, lakes, and ocean are becoming overwhelmed with trash and debris, posing a major threat to aquatic life, wildlife, and public health. 

Your community deserves clean waterways. StormTek is California’s leading trash capture method, with thousands of devices installed across the state. Read on to see why StormTek is the number one choice among property managers and municipalities. 

California State Water Board Certified

Property owners in California are responsible for preventing any and all trash from passing through their stormwater system into waterways. They also must ensure that their trash capture devices satisfy the rigorous requirements set forth by the California State Water Board. 

StormTek has been a California State Water Board-certified trash capture device since 2006. While many devices have been approved in the past and since been removed, StormTek remains one of the few trusted devices available that is compliant with the law (so you don’t have to worry about getting fined). 

Easy to install and maintain 

StormTek fits into pre-existing infrastructure, making installation quick and seamless. And because the connector pipe screen attaches to the existing catch basin wall in front of the outflow pope, it’s simple to remove, inspect, and repair. 

All trash capture devices require routine maintenance to remove accumulated debris. During maintenance, SWIMS will perform a detailed inspection, remove debris and sediment using a Vactor truck, pressure wash the device and catch basin, and make any necessary repairs. 

While most manufacturers of catch basin filters require a minimum of 3 cleanings per year, due to its innovative use of 90% of the catch basin, StormTek devices require only a once-per-year cleaning, saving you time and money. 

Industry-leading 5-year warranty

If something happens to your device within the first 5 years, SWIMS will fix it or replace it. You won’t find a warranty like this anywhere else.

Materials built to last

Made from coated or stainless steel and heavy gage sheet metal, StormTek units are durable and built to last for years. In fact, many StormTek devices remain installed and functioning properly after a decade.

Trusted by numerous cities, counties, and major corporations, including: 


AC Transit




Shoreline Amphitheatre

The Veranda


Swift Real Estate Partners

…and more. 

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