Nothing ruins the look and feel of a property quite like overgrown weeds. But they’re not just unsightly – they can cause major problems, the biggest being the risk of wildfire. With summer approaching, it’s in our best interests to reduce fire hazards as much as possible. 

Unruly weeds also can:

  • Attract rodents and other wild animal life
  • Increase turnover with tenants
  • Cause complaints from neighbors
  • Be an eyesore to contractors and HOAs
  • Put the sale or lease of your property in jeopardy

California law has guidelines in place for managing weeds to reduce the risk of fires. So if weed control is something you’ve been neglecting, you also run the risk of being hit with citations. 

Weed abatement is especially important for commercial properties as it keeps them looking presentable and professional, making it easier for your customers to make buying decisions.

Who could benefit from weed abatement services?

  • New and ongoing construction
  • Commercial real estate
  • Bio-swales and bio-retention areas
  • Property managers and property management companies
  • Real estate agents (lease or sale)
  • Business owners
  • Homeowners and landowners
  • Cities, municipalities, and parks & recreation
  • Homeowners Associations with open space

Although a nuisance, overgrown weeds aren’t something to ignore. But we know you have enough problems you’re dealing with already, and pesky weeds shouldn’t be another item on the list. 

Take back control of your property with SWIMS’ weed abatement services. With 20 years of industry experience and hundreds of happy customers, SWIMS is qualified to help with all things weed abatement and BMPs. Our trained and motivated field service teams, street sweeping team, project managers, and QSP inspectors are ready to help your property look and perform its best. 

As the Storm Water Experts, SWIMS also specializes in stormwater system maintenance, erosion control, QSP services, BMP services, street sweeping, and more. See a full list services here.

The time for weed removal is now, before the summer season starts. Schedule your FREE inspection with SWIMS here.