What exactly is involved in comprehensive storm water system maintenance?

You probably already know that it’s important to have your storm water system inspected and maintained so it can function as designed. Some other benefits of having a healthy storm water system include:

1. Lower total cost. You’ll save money over the long term by avoiding expensive system repairs and property damage.
2. Happy tenants. Good drainage means fewer problems and complaints, leaving you more time for other priorities.
3. Peace of mind. Compliant storm water systems mean easy inspections and no distracting citations or expensive fines.

So what exactly does comprehensive storm water system maintenance involve?

Best Management Practices (BMP) Services

Annual inspections and cleanings help prevent costly fines and ensure that your storm water systems are operating at optimal efficiency. Services include:

• Catch Basin/Filter Cleaning
• Trench Drain Cleaning
• Installing Filters
• Grate Replacement
• Street Sweeping
• Pressure Washing

Green Services

Effective storm water management systems may include green areas, such as bioswales, to absorb low flows or carry runoff from heavy rains to storm sewer inlets or directly to surface waters. They are subject to debris, oil and other contaminants. Services include:

• Bio-Retention Inspections
• Green Vault Maintenance/Activations
• Infiltration Testing
• Sediment Removal
• Pumping water
• Debris/Vegetation Removal

Vault Services

In urban environments, and other circumstances that are not conducive to the creation of detention ponds, underground vaults are constructed to hold storm water runoff and delay its release. Over time, sediment, trash, and other contaminants collect in these vaults and affect their function. Services include:

• Vault Inspections
• Media Inspection
• Pump out sediment
• Cartridge Replacement
• Pressure wash vault
• Repairs (if needed)
• Disposal Services


Our detailed reporting begins with a thorough site survey, clearly identifying the storm water devices in place that require maintenance. Annual or semi-annual inspections include documentation and detailed recommendations, making state-mandated compliance reporting easy.

Trash Capture

As required by California state and regional authorities, property owners are responsible for ensuring NO trash is allowed to pass through storm water systems into waterways. StormTek, exclusively available from SWIMS, has been approved by the California State Water Board and is in use across the state. With over 3,000 devices installed, StormTek is proven to be reliable, durable, and easy to maintain.

SWIMS sales and service staff is manufacturer-trained for sales, installation, and maintenance of all our storm water, sweeping, dewatering, and erosion control products and services. Because of our outstanding record of providing dependable, competitively priced, compliant storm water pollution solutions, many consider us “The Storm Water Experts”.