Does your construction project disturb 1 acre of land or more? If so, you must obtain the General Permit for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Construction and Land Disturbance Activities (Construction General Permit). Maintaining a safe and compliant construction site is just one of the many responsibilities you have to juggle when working to complete a complex construction project on time and on budget.

Developing and following an effective erosion control plan may seem like a simple task, but if it is not designed and implemented properly, you could experience erosion control problems that halt your project or result in complaints and fines.

In order to avoid those risks, maintain good relations with authorities and neighboring property owners, and keep your project on track, it’s important to select an erosion control service provider that is experienced, diligent, and thorough.

We’ve detailed 5 questions to consider when selecting a SWPPP / erosion control service provider:

1. Does the company specialize in storm water compliance …or is it a secondary service to their primary one (landscaping, grading, etc.)?

  • At SWIMS, our singular focus is storm water compliance.
  • SWIMS employs 8 certified QSP’s. Our staff is available and prepared to answer all questions related to effective erosion control and regulatory compliance.
  • SWIMS QSPs work closely with Project Managers & Field Technicians to ensure we are responsive to customer needs and meet the strict requirements of the Storm Water Construction General Permit.

Doing it right the first time, every time saves our customers money over the length of the project.

2. Does the company provide a complete array of services related to storm water compliance? 

Erosion control service providers that offer a portfolio of services simplifies your work. With SWIMS, for example, you only have to remember one phone number for any issues related storm water.

SWIMS offers an complete package of services to ensure your site is compliant with the Storm Water General Permit as well as:

3. Does the company offer street sweeping services?

Keeping streets clear of dirt and debris is an essential part of construction site erosion control. For convenience and improved coordination, select an erosion control services company that can handle street sweeping for you as well. SWIMS has a fleet street sweepers and a staff trained for all types of coverage:

  • Track out
  • Parking Garages
  • Recurring services; daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or on-call
  • Grand Opening parking lot and street sweep

4. How much experience does the company have?

Due to regulatory changes in California, and increased enforcement, many landscaping-focused businesses, for example, have begun offering erosion control. As with any type of service, their experience and level of quality vary. Be sure to select a company with the experience necessary to understand and prevent problems.

  • SWIMS has over 20 years of experience specifically in Storm Water Compliance.
  • SWIMS field leaders have 5 to 15 years of experience specifically in Storm Water Compliance.
  • SWIMS QSP have up to 15 years of experience specifically in SWPPP Inspections.

5. How responsive is the company?

Rain events and other challenges to controlling erosion and storm water runoff don’t tend to happen at convenient times 😉 Mother Nature won’t wait for your service provider to hunt down equipment to rent or return to the office on Monday morning.

  • SWIMS owns our equipment which eliminates delays created by having to rent costly equipment.
  • SWIMS responds to calls on Saturdays and Sundays when rental yards and material yards are closed.

Finding a SWPPP / erosion control service provider you can trust may make the difference between a successful, on-time project and… delays, fines, and headaches. Use the questions above to help you make an informed decision. 

We offer comprehensive erosion control services. For a free, no-obligation, estimate – give us a call at 866-967-9467, or email us at [email protected]