Erosion happens when the earth’s materials (rocks, soil, etc.) become worn down and transported by natural forces like water or wind. Sometimes this process is sped up by human activity, such as construction. 

Soil, in particular, contains material that’s vital to life, which is why California has imposed strict laws to minimize the impacts of erosion. All construction sites and Linear Underground Projects (LUP) disturbing more than one acre, many industrial sites, and all designated Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) must meet the requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. 

Effective erosion control consists of installing Best Management Practices (BMPs) on your site and monitoring and maintaining these BMPs over time. Doing so will:

  • Prevent soil movement and loss
  • Retain the aesthetics and value of your land
  • Keep your site in compliance with California law, reducing fines
  • Keep your neighbors happy by preventing runoff, resulting in fewer problems and complaints
  • Ensure your project is finished on time and within budget

Swims Specializes in Erosion Control

SWIMS is one of the only stormwater management companies in California that puts erosion control at the forefront of what we do. Our experienced Qualified Erosion Control Specialists install erosion control BMPs and make sure they’re working effectively throughout the year and remain compliant with the law.

In addition, SWIMS is committed to providing unparalleled customer service. We respond same-day (or next day) to emergency calls because we want to make sure the devices on your site are functioning as they should.

SWIMS is proud to offer comprehensive and cost-effective services to control erosion on your property:

QSP Services

QSP (Qualified SWPPP Practitioner) services are required for any construction site disturbing more than one acre of soil. Our QSP services include weekly inspections, Rain Event Action Plans (REAPS), and quarterly non-storm water inspections. We will also compile and retain critical compliance documentation for you, including Annual Reports, Change of Information (COI), and Notices of Termination (NOT).

SWIMS has over 120 years of combined experience in our QSP department alone

BMP Services

Installing BMP products is just one part of a comprehensive stormwater management solution. Over time site conditions change, or the management strategies put in place can become compromised or damaged.

Our field technicians are trained in maintaining, repairing, and enhancing your BMPs. We have the expertise – from cleaning sediment around catch basins after a rain event to repairing BMPs disturbed during construction. BMP maintenance and street sweeping can be set up for daily, weekly, monthly, or “on-call” service.

BMP Installs

We install and maintain straw wattles, catch basin protectors, silt fences, construction entrances, gravel bags, and erosion control blankets.

Street Sweeping

Street sweeping services keep your project compliant and on schedule while maintaining your company’s valuable reputation. Street sweeping is considered a BMP when paired with a qualified SWPPP. Our powerful fleet of sweepers and professionally-trained drivers will remove pollutants to ensure your site stays in compliance.


We offer complete dewatering services for Bay Area construction sites. We provide all phases of dewatering, including help with the NPDES groundwater discharge permit, drilling & construction of wells, water storage tanks, pump & filtering equipment, additional carbon & organoclay filtering for contaminated water, plumbing of main & discharge pipe, and system maintenance throughout the project.

Working with us is easy.

  1. Schedule a free inspection. One of our experts in your area will arrange a convenient time.
  2. Receive your estimate. We’ll outline the best erosion control plan for your site and detail the costs.
  3. Keep construction on track. We’ll make sure your site remains compliant and trouble-free.

Failure to follow proper erosion control procedures can be costly. But we know that erosion control is just one of many responsibilities you juggle to keep your construction project on track. Whether it’s QSP services, BMP installation and maintenance, street sweeping, or something related, SWIMS has you covered. Contact us today for a free site inspection.