‘Tis the season! …for routine maintenance of your storm water system. As the rainy season approaches, fall is the most critical time to ensure the system you have in place is functioning properly, not impacted by backups, clogs, and flooding.

Here’s why you should make plans today to have your storm water system inspected.

Remove pollutants and debris before they flow into our water sources.

The promise of heavy downpours this winter, coupled with an especially destructive fire season, means that storm drains in California face a high chance of backups, clogs, and flooding. Being proactive with the management of your storm water system, rather than reactive, will result in fewer maintenance costs all around.

Make sure your site is following local and state regulations.

It’s not only a good idea to have your storm water system inspected, but California law requires it. Complying with the rules and regulations not only prevents pollutants from entering the waterways, but also saves you money over time.

Don’t risk your site not being in compliance. At SWIMS, we pride ourselves on being the Storm Water Experts – taking out the guesswork so you can have peace of mind knowing that your site is in compliance with the law.

Have your full-trash capture device installed.

A growing number of cities in California are requiring property owners to install a California Waterboard Certified full-trash capture device, making sure that no trash is allowed to pass through storm water systems into waterways.

Exclusively available from SWIMS, our state-of-the-art Stormtek ST 3/G full-trash capture device has been approved by the California State Water Board and is already in use across the state. SWIMS experienced service staff is manufacturer-trained for the installation and maintenance of this full-trash capture device.

Making sure your site can handle the upcoming winter or knowing whether or not you’re in compliance with the law can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. As the Storm Water Experts, we will inspect all aspects of your system and make recommendations and/or plans for proper maintenance and repairs.

But don’t wait! Catch us before our busiest season.

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