The Catch Basin Filter

The Catch Basin Filter Insert has been developed to help eliminate hydrocarbons and other contaminants such as antifreeze, metals, sand, silt, and litter from storm water runoff.

The Catch Basin Filter is also used post-construciton to replace the GEO-TRAP™ series (used during pre-construction for sediment and dust control).


  • Constructed from high density polyethylene plastic with UV inhibitors.
  • Non-Reactive High Density Polyethylene Plastic Construction with UV Inhibitors
  • Round, Square, Rectangular and Custom Models Available
  • Easy-to-Install in New and Existing Storm Drain Inlets
  • Patented Design Includes High Nominal Flow and High Overflow Capacities
  • Easy-to-Maintain Filter Insert Allows for Quick and Easy Servicing
  • Filter Insert Includes a Replaceable Media Cartridge for Removal of Hydrocarbons, Metals, Antifreeze, Sand, Silt, and Litter
  • Filter Media is Non-Hazardous and Meets EPA and OSHA Standards

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